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Broad Capital Management Co., Ltd. is a capital management company approved by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce. Headquartered in New York,Beijing、Hong Kong, Shanghai, Fuzhou and other places with branch offices. The company holds the US NFA regulatory financial license and is the vice president unit of the China Investment Association Project Investment and Financing Professional Committee. It is a strategic partner of Beida Jade Bird, Silicon Valley Paradise and Guangfa Bank. The company's founders and team have served in large international IPO companies for many years and have accumulated invaluable experience. The company focuses on investment, counseling, financing, and mergers and acquisitions of listed companies. Providing one-stop professional quality services for the development and listing of Chinese enterprises including enterprise top-level design, finance, tax management, equity design, asset business restructuring and market value management, implanting capital genes for enterprise development, and innovatively proposing the charging mode of the equity exchange service. The company is committed to providing global IPO services to mainstream exchanges. Exclusive development of the world's first intelligent IPO system: the global window. And to establish an IPO incubation industrial park for the country to help the development of quality enterprises. At present, the IPO Incubation Industrial Park has settled in Wuhan and plans to enter Xuzhou. While the company is developing steadily. It is actively participating in social welfare undertakings. Together with the China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation, it has established the Broad Capital Management Co., Ltd. Daai Public Welfare Fund.

We are convinced that with the extensive professional knowledge of Broad Capital Management Co., Ltd.. We can fully assist Chinese companies to list in major boards such as the US, Hong Kong, South Korea , Australia and China. Broad Capital Management Co., Ltd. has leading qualifications and industry experience, which can not only help your company successfully complete. The relevant listing work is also confident to be your strategic partner for long-term development and to help your company become a leading domestic enterprise. Our confidence is based on our strength and advantages.

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